Monthly Archives: September 2011

P/Invoke and LoadLibrary / GetProcAddress

A little snippet I wrote while trying to use LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress to call functions and get variable values that are exported by an unmanaged dll with P/Invoke.

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Real-time CRL validation for X.509 certificates in .NET

This is a continuation of my post on Avoiding X.509 chain policy caching when using WCF with certificate security. I wrote the code below to implement certificate validation against a published CRL in real-time. The default mechanism uses a cache … Continue reading

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Setting SMSC number on an Android phone

To set the SMS center number on a Samsung Galaxy SII phone do the following: Open the dialer and enter *#*#4636#*#*. You will be greeted with a nice phone settings menu, one of those settings is named SMSC and is … Continue reading

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