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ComHem TivoToGo krashar på iPad – lösning

This one is in Swedish, but if your TiVo app crashes when used to control your TiVo box – use Google translate to read the text below. Sedan en tid tillbaka har TivoToGo börjaat krasha direkt vid start på min … Continue reading

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Karabiner Num Lock to Eject

Put this in your private.xml to remap Num Lock to Eject on your Mac running OSX <?xml version=”1.0″?> <root> <item> <name>Richard</name> <list> <item> <name>Map NumLock to Eject</name> <identifier>private.swap_NumLock-to-Eject</identifier> <autogen>–KeyToKey– KeyCode::PC_KEYPAD_NUMLOCK, KeyCode::VK_CONSUMERKEY_EJECT</autogen> </item> </list> </item> </root>

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Screen Lock Disable Timer in Google Play!

Another Android app released to the Google Play Store! Screen Lock Disable Timer allows you to disable your swipe or pattern screen lock (aka keyguard) temporarily. Useful if you need to turn your screen on and off repeatedly for a … Continue reading

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