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SharePoint 2007 listitem manager

For a while now I’ve tried to find a tool that would allow me to export a SharePoint 2007 list to Excel, modify the data and then import it to another system. In my case I wanted to move data … Continue reading

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“No authority could be contacted for authentication” in SharePoint farm

Just ran into this when trying to access SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration on for my MOSS farm. Turns out the AD somehow got corrupted when I restarted the servers in the farm. The solution was to remove the servers from the domain, … Continue reading

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Getting current page URL (or it’s parts) in C#

Here is an easy reference for how to get different parts of an URL in C#. I’ve color-coded the example URL below for easier matching with the values of the properties of the HttpRequest. URL used for this example: http://localhost:12345/site/page.aspx?q1=1&q2=2 … Continue reading

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“File Not Found” error in SharePoint 2007 site manager

When trying to edit a list from site manager in my SharePoint 2007 environment I got the following error: File Not Found. at System.Reflection.Assembly._nLoad(AssemblyName fileName, String codeBase, Evidence assemblySecurity, Assembly locationHint, StackCrawlMark& stackMark, Boolean throwOnFileNotFound, Boolean forIntrospection) at System.Reflection.Assembly.InternalLoad(AssemblyName assemblyRef, … Continue reading

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Some uploads are gone…

Thanks to the wonderful WordPress 3.5 upgrade some of my uploads and screenshots got deleted… Sorry… 🙁

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Target display mode iMac -> MacBook Pro 2011 with Thunderbolt

This was not as easy as it seemed. A checklist to get target display mode working: Make sure both your iMac and your Macbook Pro are equipped with Thunderbolt. It only works Thunderbolt -> Thunderbolt or Display port -> Display port, … Continue reading

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Fix for VPN connections on Mac OSX using SonicWall NetExtender (pppd)

Seems like Apple broke pppd with one of the latest patches to OSX. My SonicWALL NetExtender stopped connecting unless run as root. The error i got was: FATAL: An immediately fatal error of some kind occurred, such as an essential … Continue reading

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Aborting import operations in Commerce Server 2007

Today, my Biztalk ran wild and initiated a bunch of Commerce Server catalog import operations. While trying to find a way to abort all of those I came across the CatalogStatus table in the product catalog database. According to MSDN this … Continue reading

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ObjectList is in an unknown state in sitemanager.aspx

Just a quick note, mostly for myself: the following error at sitemanager.aspx results from view state not being active. The language setting is unfortunately Swedish, so I doubt this will help anyone… Webbplatshanteraren: ObjectList ObjectList1 är i ett okänt tillstånd. … Continue reading

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My SharePoint 2007 site spontaneously got into read-only mode

Just a short post this time: if you experience symptoms like: no one able to edit anything on a MOSS site weird permission denied errors for admins buttons in the GUI disappearing then maybe your MOSS site got into read-only … Continue reading

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