Debugging Commerce Server pipelines

To get debug information from Commerce Server pipelines you should:

Add loggingEnabled=”true” to the pipelines section in web.config

       <pipeline name="basket"
                 loggingEnabled="true" />

Next, set the “_Trace_Discounts” key in the pipeline context dictionary (or PipelineInfo[“_trace_discounts”] = 1;) before executing the basket pipeline. If you are using the StarterSite, you’ll need to edit the code for CommerceComponents.dll.

In ControlLibraryHelpersBasketHelper.cs the RunPipeline() function:

    private PipelineExecutionResult RunPipeline(string pipelineName, OrderPipelineType type)
        // [snip]
        using (PipelineInfo pipeline = new PipelineInfo(pipelineName, type))
            pipeline["_trace_discounts"] = 1;
            // [snip]
            return basket.RunPipeline(pipeline);

The log files are generated in the log subfolder from your pipeline definitions.

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