Setting SMSC number on an Android phone

To set the SMS center number on a Samsung Galaxy SII phone do the following:

Open the dialer and enter *#*#4636#*#*. You will be greeted with a nice phone settings menu, one of those settings is named SMSC and is the SMS center number in PDU format. The format is described here along with a nice online converter, but the part we are interested in is the beginning.

For the Swedish provider Telenor the number should be 07916407080007F8 as the phone number to the sms center is +46708000708.

  • the 07 here is the length of information in number of octets.
  • the 91 signifies “international format”, basically a +.
  • The rest is the phone number, in this case 6407080007F8 as the phone number to the sms center is +46708000708, in decimal semi-octets. Because the total number of digits in the phone number is odd an F is added.

I’ve color-coded the number to make it easier to understand the whole decimal semi-octets stuff. If I did help you – leave a comment. 😉

More information on the PDU format is available here.